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Please report inappropriate behavior. If you see any offensive, abusive, patently false, or otherwise inappropriate content (including posts, pictures, and videos), please click on the "Report Ad Abuse" link that is attached to the post. This will alert the site administrators and they can look into the issue. We do ask that you only submit one report per post. Skegslist will not discuss actions taken on a user with any other user. The reporting function is anonymous.

Be respectful.  Content that is harmful, hostile, threatening, abusive, baiting, vulgar, defamatory, harassing, or includes hate or racist speech, name calling or profanity will be edited or removed.

Do not post obscene, vulgar or pornographic content.  This includes media and text. 

Avoid duplicate, repetitive or disruptive posts.  Members should only post one Ad per item on the most relevant category for the advertised item.  Posts that are duplicative or disruptive may be removed without notice.

Sharing patently false information.  Posting patently false or unsubstantiated content is harmful to other members and goes against the spirit of the SkegsList.

Do not post copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright owner.  This includes posting images that depict persons without the permission of the depicted person.

Behavior that is contrary to these guidelines may result in temporary or permanent suspension of activity on the SkegsList Community platform. SkegsList reserves the right for itself and its administrators to edit or remove any post, image or video that we consider inappropriate or offensive to the site users.  Breaches of the SkegsList User Agreement or this guidelines may result in warnings, sanctions and/or suspensions from the site.  SkegsList reserves the right to remove any post without warning or further notice.